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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 4, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> i'm with her. >> beyonce has star power to hillary clinton campaign. complete with cancer and hilary style all part of rally in cleveland with the singer and 88 z. plus. >> if she ever got into the oval office hilary and her special interests would rob our country blind. >> both candidate beginning the
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final weekend of the campaign and it's here and we are now down to just 4 days clinton in marathon mode which will decide the race. >> latest abc news "washington post"tracking poll shows clinton with 4 point lead over trump. maggie has more. >> who has voted. whoa. not great. but you save for november. >> race down to the wire and every last vote. hillary clinton and donald trump on campaign binge through paddle ground states where the sea side. donald trump in his column with the outside credential. >> we are going to washington dc and we are going to drain the swamp. >> in pennsylvania pleading for undecided voters.
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>> not as important that they think about voting for me as it is that they think about voting for themselves. >> clinton drug on reserve standing out across the map. bernie sanders in iowa. vice president biden in wisconsin. and president obama in north carolina. >> name hillary clinton and i need this. >> donald trump planning to hit 10 states in three days. his children out there too campaigning for him. a poll shows hillary clinton picking up momentum. 47-43 percent. still neck and neck race. for clinton the wow! factor. get out the vote concert by jay-z and for mrs. clinton surprise guest in the corner here. this is abc news washington. >> homeland security says it is concerned about the potential for cyberattacks on election
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day and while it could cause confusion officials say it's unlikely if not impossible to manipulate the official vote count during cyberattack two week ago millions of users were blocked from getting through to site like twitter netflix air bnb. judge in ohio issued temporary restraining order against the trump campaign. any one who conspires to intimidate, threaten, harass or coerce voters on election day would face contempt of court charges. order apply to any clinton camp as well. the trump campaign says it will appeal that decision. >> record 19.4 million californians registered to vote. secretary of state has just released the final tally prior to election day. it's the highest percentage of eligible citizens registered to vote in general election in 20 years. almost 45 percent registered democrat in over 26 percent republicans. almost 20 percent voters are over 66 years old making up the biggest age group. we have a comprehensive
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election tool at our web site just click icon voice your vote to voter and election guide and enter your address. comprehensive row source showing you the candidate and measure on the local ballot. >> other news tonight. two people in custody in oakland accused of the murder of 21-year-old sheriff's office volunteer who disappeared two days ago. this woman was found yesterday in a park in east oakland. 7 news vic lee is on the story. >> 21-year-old carla ramirez is missing since wednesday. police called it suspicious. he dropped off the friend at 10 that night in san leandro. that was the last time any one saw her. >> went out to be with a friend and dropped the friend at her house. she never returned. never goes out. always at home. doesn't have any vices. >> she's a student. >> police found her car white
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chevy hayward yesterday mornin morning. her body was found at this park in oakland yesterday shortly before noon. she had been broughtally beaten and stabbed multiple times. on top of that. >> she received significant burns that would be consistent with somebody on fire. >> this was a sheriff's department explorer since high school. >> perform it until they turn 21 then become an advisor. she helped mentor the younger people we had. >> did it have anything to do with the murder e.this is a personal matter. not to say that the suspects who are both oakland residents, adults. not to say they were unaware of her association with the sheriff's office. i don't think that was the catalyst. >>reporter: police are confident the two suspects will be charged with the murder later tonight.
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vic lee, abc 7 news. we use the news app to brick the latest news on this case. you can get the alert on the phone or tablet. just down load the free 7 news app and unable push alert. berkeley police are asking for help to find missing teen. 16-year-old castle was last seen in richmond but spends a lot of time in we arecly. officers put out alert for her this afternoon. she weighs 120 pounds 5 foot 5. if you have any information to locate her berkeley police and contra costa county sheriff's office would like to hear from you. we are following developing news on the six scandal that affected law enforcement all over the bay area. contra costa county prosecutors say tonight they will only charge one person in connection with the scandal and that's just a misdemeanor. da office investigated officer connections to this woman. jasmine for seven months. in other departments multiple officers face charges including 7 in alameda county.
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some of the charges are felonies. da says that's just not the case here. >> based on her own statements that the sexual interaction she had with police officers in contra costa county was when she was over 18. the sexual interaction were consentual. >> misdemeanor charge is for retired oakland police captain now in his 80's. prosecutors say he paid for six with the woman and will be charged with soliciting a prostitute. >> fairfield man in jail accused of raping 4 young girl over two week period in october. all the incidents happened in popular stores in the area. eric explains what led police to the suspect. >> we are certainly investigating the possibility. >> police believe they have solid evidence on this man. 32 year old here in 4 molestation. first two reported to officers took place on october 30. one at this party city store and another across the street at this spirit halloween store.
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>> they learned that an adult male intentionally placed his hands on the buttocks of at least two children approximately 10 years of age. >> investigators quickly learn of another result with same mo at the same store on october 1 14. it wasn't just fairfield. on october 23rd a 12-year-old girl shot shopping with her mom at the store in neighboring suisun city suffered similar assault. >> at some point inside the store the male subject went up and grabbed the buttocks of the child. >>reporter: investigators in both city say the evidence began to pile up and point straight at him. >> it was a descrption and information from witnesses and part of it was information obtained from security camera. security video. >> fairfield police say this is the first time he has appeared on their radar although he has app arrest record from nevada. this father of young girl is just relieved to have him off the street. >> my daughter or another
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person. hurts me. >>reporter: officers were afraid there may be more victims out there. any one who knows if the suspect is connected to any other crimes is asked to call police in fairfield, abc 7 news. >> associate professor of surgery san francisco va medical center has been fired following his opiad related arrest yesterday. ucsf officials say christopher owens has been under investigation since june of 2 2016. he was litter put on unpaid leave at his physician privileges terminated. officials say the arrest related to owens prescribing of narcotics. >> marin counties sheriff says skimmer device found at gas station in mill valley. gas station employee first noticed the skimmer yesterday. sheriff's officials say it appears it was put there during the night. skimmer devices are used to steal credit card numbers and personal information.
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some use blue tooth technology to the thieves can access the data remote ri. stay with us more ahead on this friday night. coming up. >> shameful and really too bad that somebody has to reserve something like that. >> something like that. refers to these products. they look real but they are the reason the feds went after san jose woman. >> plus making a come back. positive update about a wounded bay area officer. >> drew is here with the preview of the forecast. >> it's quiet out there right now but this time tomorrow has showers moving in parts of the bay area. the forecast coming up. >> force out. early morning police action 0to >> force out. early morning police action 0to clean up east bay stree
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♪music the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass
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here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit
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information visit >> would he now learn counterfeit make up seized from san jose home could total up to 100,000 dollars in value. about double the value that we reported yesterday so it has changed. so many people commented on the story on the face book page, too. 7 news reporter chris winn dug deeper to give you a closer look at all of the bounty police seizedism at first glance the product appear to be the real deal. >> kind of tell times when it is fake, you know.
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look exactly the same, the same packaging. >> closer look a discovery counterfeit make up intended for sale in the bay area. >> it's shameful and it's too pad that somebody has to resort to something like that. >> these kids are a fraction of what was seize from san jose woman home open halloween. special agent with the u.s. immigration custom enforcement homeland security investigation team say the woman who has not been identified have been selling counterfeit product for several month the very least. we spoke exclusively to acting as assistant special agent in charge about the case. >> we can target those organizations that are involved in the traffic of counterfeit good because of the threat it poses to the u.s. corn assumer and to u.s. industry. >> investigators say the total value seized in the case is close to 100,000 dollars worth of product. suspect had multiple shipment from known counterfeit explorer in asia. >> potential for health risk or
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safety risk. we don't know what chemical and product are used. >> local customers not amused by this. >> talk about a rash. tu can get into the blood stream and that's really dangerous e.charges have yet to be filed but the santa clara county district attorney's office says the case is under review. in san jose, chris winn abc 7 news. >> we have update on the san francisco police officer who is shot in the head partially paralyze. recuperating back at home shot three week ago by mentally ill man. police threatening people and later died in a shoot out. police chief tweeted this photo saying he's doing great. fantastic recovery. god wasn't ready for the guard an yet. still work to do down here. santa clare county sheriff's smith and several deputy also visited him today wishing him a farewell before he headed hope.
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police union says he has come a long way despite partial paralysis on the right leg. >> able to he can spoof. never lost consciousness during the entire sdichbility he can walk with assistance. he's on a cain. but he's made fantastic progress on the rest of the right side of the body. he. >> he will have daily physical therapy session for a long time. does plan to return to the san francisco police department. two fund me page to help officer reyesed more than 3 37,000 dollars. >> he's doing well. state wild life officials putting crab back on the table and just in time for thanksgiving, too. recreation crab fishing season opens tomorrow and commercial crabbing begins november 15. fresh crab should hit local stores soon after that. remember last year toxin called this acid delay the open of the season for several months. this year cooler temperatures and steady rain are good news
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for the fishermen. >> some sporadic detection of level of acid. this year in point reyes and marin couldn't but not so much that the health agency are recommending a closure this year so recreation season will open tomorrow. >> health officials are warning against eating the crab internal organ. often considered a delicacy because the or organ contain concentrated level of the toxi toxin. sdhaip this time. >> time to check on the weather after the weekend is here. >> moment ago we had a high surf advisory issue as we track our next storm approaching. region a little bit of rain tomorrow but once gent surf rough right along the coast all weekend. quiet picture out there. equally a beautiful night. live look from the pier 15 cmera. right on the horizon. gone crescent moon. bright engine the stary sky right now and mild out there a
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lot of spots still holding in the 60's like san francisco at 63. at 62 right now in hayward. 61 mountain view san jose currently temperature of 63 degrees. clear sky tonight. cool off and down to 40's like santa rosa and napa half machine pay 49 degrees 48 concord. right around water like san francisco, san jose dropping at 51 and oakland pretty cool 52 degrees. i understand a lot of sunshine. is in day. 67 if rich mon. 65 san francisco. 71 in san jose. 72 in antioch. mild 68 the high in lake port. late day cloud covering got some good news. sleep in on sunday. daylight saving time coming to an end. turn the clock back one hour with saturday night. good idea this time of year. to change the smoke detector battery. impact scale storm arriving tomorrow night on saturday. light storm on the stormy packet scale. scattered light showers. less than 15 hundredths inch of
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rain in the wets spot and really light wind. hour by hour. best chance of written on saturday night and that's in the north bay saturday night where the storm linger for the longest. light storm not a wash-out saturday night in the north bay but need the umbrella out late. here comes the front by 10:00 o'clock see few sprinkle pushing in santa rosa. heavy stuff still around and midnight sunday scattered showers in the north bay and this thing is really falling apart as it moves to the south. tonight it's a lot of rain north bay early sunday morning and many are sleeping. so showers hard in the bay area and one of the storm system where in the south bay you see no moisture out of the system. this is mainly north bay event over the next 24 hours. total rainfall really light. the numbers. a lot of spots take up anything like concord lever more san jose and anticipate santa rosa being the highest spot in terms of rainfall total but the storm system is guest the high surf
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along the coast. saturday stay out of the water. energetic west swell coming our way and waves as high as 15 feet. very likely. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. next 7 day. tomorrow in the north bay sunday early morning chance basically north of the golden gate. south bay you stay dry. impact scale dry on monday and tuesday election day. vote for sunshine is there and wednesday and thursday we are dry and by friday just a slight chance for it now. not a huge issue over the weekend. light sprinkle. >> thank you. >> next. details of the san francisco development plan for right here where you can live in less than development plan for right here where you can live in less than 200 square feet
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controversial homeless encampment in berkeley taken down by the city early this morning. this is what it looked like as police and city workers remove the campers before dawn. spokesperson for the city of berkeley tells us there were numerous complaint of filth and drug use in the encampment. officials visit theed the camp getting them to vacate on add line street at ashby. there are protective plastic barrier today. some of the campers tell us they plan to pitch tent somewhere else in berkeley tonight. >> this used car lot in san francisco may one day give rise to micro apartments. not much bigger than a large suv. according to the real estate web site socket site a developer wants to build units that would measure fewer than 200 square feet. enough space for mike wave, murphy bed and sink that is built into the top of a toilet. residents would share community kitchen and the lounge. >> abc 7 news i-team has
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dramatic new video inside a trouble bay area jail. very rare to see such video. in this case inmate is accused of attack ago guard. see how deputy handle the inmate after. accused of brutal retaliation. inmates mother see the injuries and found out what the jail is doing in response. tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> stay here with us for another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 next coming up police search the woods where sonoma county teenager was found in a shallow great. hear what the teenager friends want us to know about. >> also. smart phone hits keep coming. recalling one of the appliance appliances. >> year after the paris terrorist attack musician will be the first to perform at the musical that came
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detectives are hard at work looking for the cause and the culprit in the murder of 1 18-year-old kirk kimberly. >> two days ago landscaper found the body partially buried in a parking lot here. >> here's wayne. >> at sonoma state university more searching of the same wood where two days ago a landscaper found the body of 18-year-old kirk kimberly. today they look specifically for a murder weapon. what kind? they wouldn't say. >> corner he knows the cause of death. we are not releasing it. if it gets out in the general public it will hamper the investigation. >> the community degrees in kimberly 18 years old. recent grad of this high school with counselors helped students and staff today from friend. >> she was very, very nice
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young man i used to see him a lot around the neighborhood and always smile and say hello. >> at the papa murphy pizza restaurant where he used to work he showed us this picture of their crew on halloween 201 2015. that is the murder victim dressed as batman. >> he was missing. definitely upsetting it was hi him. > kim we recall worked here in high school. eventually let go at the beginning of this year. hadn't thought about the victim until he disappeared roughly 20 days ago. >> all i know is the dad came in trying to put up posters and i was like last thing i heard about him. >> even if detectives examine the partially buried body yesterday they suspect it might be kirk kimberly. now detectives want to know did he die here or did his assailant carry the body in before burying him. >> long way to go from any type of parking lot or any area
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where he might have the car in the thick it of bushes. >> if they have a motive or suspect they are not yet sharing. from rohnert park abc 7 news. >> now to south carolina new information that has been revealed in the case of rescued woman. >> she was held captive for months. chained inside a storage caper. police return to the scene today and discovered human remains on the property. suspect realtor was in court today. why authorities say this might not be the end of it. >> tonight a grizzly find in the south caroline woods. unidentified body at the search for more victims. convicted sex offender todd appearing in court today. >> this is kidnapping. >> charged this the kidnapping of brown held captive for two months just rescued from a shipping container on the property. >> she witness this charles david carver. >> brown telling police the boyfriend charles carver who disappeared with her in late august was killed at the hands
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of the suspect. police zero in on the rural area after tracing brown's last cell phone ping to nearby tower and desperate banging from shipping container during a search of the president. brown was inside a second metal create changed by the neck and ankle. she's now recovering in the hospital. the suspect mother telling us today just shoot me that's all i can say. i'm so-so sorry. i just can't believe this. coal not yet entered a plea in the case but the solicitor convicted as a teenager of kidnapping and rape. investigators will be hear searching through the weekend. >> now to new york city 2 sergeants have been shot and one of them has died. it happened in the bronx after gunfight with the man accused in a home invasion about 4 block away. police shot and killed the suspect. they say had he had broken not
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home of estranged wife. sergeant who died was 19 year veteran of the new york city police force. growing question tonight about 3 american service members killed while on a training mission in jordan. pentagon says they were shot in the vehicle while approaching the gate of jordan military base. investigators are look ing into whether incident was misunderstanding of some kind. dramatic image coming in from iraq on the fight against isis. more than a dozen oil well on fire just south of mosul. they can clouds and toxic black smoke fill the sky and blocking out the sun as you can see. troops are trying to free the city from isis control. >> jury in new jersey today convicted two former ally of governor christy and so-called bridge gate scandal. jurors found former chief of staff kelly and form are port authority executive guilty on all counts including conspirac
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conspiracy, fraud, civil rights deprivation. prosecutors say kelly and he ordered the closure of liens to the bridge to punish the mayor of fort lee who didn't endorse the 2013 reelection bid of christy. here's prosecution and defense the comments. >> this case was and is a disgrace. >> we believe that the evidence in this case the more than adequately proved beyond a reason doubt the two defendants were guilty of the crimes charged. that for us is a just result. >> they each face maximum sentence of 86 years. christy issued a statement saying he's sad by the case and repeated the client that he had no knowledge of the plot. >> former my boy model faced kristy for posting a picture of woman and body shaming her now facing charges. mathers faces misdemeanor count of invasion of privacy. early this year mathers posted a picture of 70-year-old naked woman in locker room at the gym
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with the caption if i can't unsee this, then you can't either. if convicted she could face up to 6 months in jail. >> more bad news tonight for samsung. company reeling from reports exploding cell phone. now it's recalling nearly 3 million washing machines. we have the story. >> tonight image of destroyed washing machines leading to the unprecedented recall of 2.8 million machines. melissa says her 4 year old son was right next to her when the washer exploded. >> i remember covering my head and leaning over towards my son and just screaming. >> consumer product safety commission has reports of more than 7 30 top loaded samsung machines blowing apart when operating at high speed. at least nip reports of injuries. >> we are looking at parents. with the children. right there. in close proximity. >> i do the laundry in my family. i have 2 young boys. this would scare the heck out of me.
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>> samsung now telling us our priority is to minimize any safety risk and address the conditions that lead to the rare insubstance when the top of the washer unexpectedly separates from the unit. >> and 34 top loading model sold since 2011 are affected and samsung says it will repair them for free. it will help replace them and depending on when you bought it it will even offer a full refund. >> this is abc news new york. >> sting will play the first show in the theatre in paris following the terroristttack that killed 90 people there. sting says the concert is to honor those who lost their lives and those in the denver -- november 13 attack and also want to be want to know celebration of life and the music that the theater represents. proceed from the show will go to two paris charity. concert scheduled for saturday november 12th. tickets go on sale next tuesday. >> walking the streets to get a
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foot in the door. >> next on 7 news at 9:00. techie on something like a pub
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>> new study reveals why some people sleep more soundly than others. researchers found a gene that control deep sleep and dreamin dreaming. the second gene controls non-rapid eye movement and discovery and appears in the journal of nature. all right. happy hour came early for techie today on what looked more like a pub crawl. >> jonathan explains. they were looking for beer but connections in the fast-food restaurant and annual
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tradition. >> cashally dressed crowd make their way past the bars and restaurants not thirsty for drink but hungry for opportunity. >> just from abroad. >> and today they look in all the right places. >> the tell me what you are looking for. i'm happy to make an introduction. >> this is the fourth annual new tap crawl. >> for company open the doors and let people from the outside in. organized by this dapper gentlemen who is not recognized without his space suit. they have done this on halloweenism lost the orange suit in exchange for top hat to be more formal and understanding. >> visiting go pro and small company you haven't heard of. >> i have the card here pass it around. >> way to get a foot in the door where so much cool stuff is made. >> this is about more than getting the name and resume out there but seeing the crazy unorthodox he's known for.
9:42 pm
>> trying to have a comfortable atmosphere and see this like any one would have at home. >> cozy and pet friendly. >> dog come over and my on the shag carpet. we come over here and work. >> it makes sense. >> you are in a natural comfortable environment where you enjoy showing up. it's more creative. >> seeing where the creativity starts can unlock some mystery. >> using it for years and figure out how they say the name. >> acknowledge. >> in a city they learn it tak takes creativity to find office space. >> basement warehouse. >> north beach china town or here in the middle of westfeld mall in0vation all over the place. >> jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> pretty good idea. next on 7 news at 9:00 we visit the local school that is getting some national recognition. >> see what they do differently at sun valley elementary in san rafael students sma
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>> obviously there are a number of great schools in the san francisco bay area but not every school knowledged by the u.s. department of education. on tuesday this school will be award add blue ribbon the highest honor given to a schoo school. lee ann explains what makes them great. >> you know what a school is located on happy lane there's good chance things are probably going well for students and teachers. >> we never want to stop learning and growing. that makes this an exciting place to be. >> in the case of sun valley elementary school life is going so well they will soon receive a blue ribbon. blue ribbon the highest achievement for any school. this year the u.s. department of education will award blue ribbon to 2 79 public schools nationwide.
9:47 pm
school hasn't reinvented the wheel. just knows what works for all kids. teachers and parents to know kids don't learn the same way. >> we throw a broad net of academic achievement if a child can not access the content in one way they are provided many opportunities to be on the access content in variety of ways. >> teachers communicate professional with each other to discuss how each child can excel. volunteers put in 100 hours a week to help stun with the wor work. in some cases student just want some one to read with. but perhaps one of the things that sets them apart is the mindfulness program to reduce stress and learn how to relax. >> they use the mindfulness strategy to be calm and make good choices. >> i think it's really cool because it helps people be able to take breath and be calm and
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so they have that for their whole life. >> this show the the sdhool could finally did. in san rafael, lee ann, 7 news. >> way to go. exciting. >> yes. other break true. >> we have the weekend. >> finally guys starting off really nice tomorrow. a lot of sunshine then tomorrow night a couple showers try to move n.the quiet. clear sky out there let fast forward into your sat afternoo afternoon. lots of sunshine. along the coast so at bit of cloud cover. 65 san francisco. 71 for san jose. 71 concord. 68 for oakland. 69 the high in nap a.tomorrow night walnut creek t.seeing the event really comfortable conditions. partly cloudy skies. temperature right around 63 degrees at 7:00 o'clock. late tomorrow night weak storm moves in. light storm on the storm impact scale with scattered light
9:49 pm
showers and you can see light amounts of rainfall as we head through the next 24 hours. future weather hour by hour watch the clock 10:00 o'clock is in the north bay. sprinkle in santa rosa by midnight into early sunday morning sprinkle likely stay in the north bay as the system tries to sink to the south it really just falls apart so out in the north bay minimal to little rain. took the south bay nothing out of this. accu-weather 7 day forecast clocks back an hour early sunday morning and chance of shower otherwise we are dry at least through next friday. >> thanks drew. >> 3 star marine corps general take center stage at this sunday 49ers game. he will be among the military personnel honored at the annual salute to. >> visited the niners facility in santa clara today and asked for his perspective on the national anthem protest of kaepernick. >> he's great citizen of the uts and we love him to death.
9:50 pm
we don't necessarily agree with them him but fight to the death to defend his right to express his opinion. >> sunday game we have extra meaning for him. he few newspaper clear lake die hard forty-niner fan. >> i go back to gene washington and frank 91ly and none brody days i grew up with the 49ers. >> another twist sunday game is against the new orleans saints where he now lives. >> but he seems not cop nribingtd. home thyme town guy still. turn our attention to larr larry. >> what do you have for us larry. >> warriors. a little bit of surprise tonight. they whipped okc last tonight and met old friend luke walton in los angeles. no way they could beat them flying high, right. could
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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>> good evening after clobbering okc at highly emotional game especially for kevin durant warriors head
9:54 pm
south to face old friend luke walton coaching the lakers on paper. on paper. easy win. right. totive story. luke and seth what's up? warriors said 8 turn overs in the first quarter. hits the 3 there at the buzzer the only thing early and 24-15. with authority there. he palmed david west face and dunked on him. randall. no size in. o for 12 and raiders up by 16. they make a run. tocly for a rare three and finally goes down. cut the lead to 75. to durant. half court lob. with 24 after 3. but in the fourth quarter clay pocket picked by william. fine. pushes the led back to 13 and right now it's all leakers.
9:55 pm
107 to 91. late fourth quarter. surprise. in l.a. tonight. far longer than it should have for ken stableer to been ducked in the hall of fame. family upset because they won't get the gold jacket with the ring that goes to hall of fame famer. he was the mvp back in 1974 superbowl in 1977. passed away in 2015 and inducted into the hall of fame this past summer. there's a rule only living hall of famer get the jacket and ring because the hall doesn't want family members fighting over the items or selling them. silly because lets face it at some point every hall of famer is going to die at which point somebody gets the jacket and the ring. current raiders head coach was on twitter saying the hall of fame really need to change their policy on this. on the field this sunday night raiders host the broncos. battle for first place on two peoples colliding at 6 and two
9:56 pm
and the performance last week over 500 yards passing people talking him about the possible mvp. >> i never really saw myself put my snevl figure like that. i just washington than the to get better. that's not only in football but in life. i always want to get better at everything. >> the way he thought about the business and done things not only on the field but off the feel in the locker room. >> cal bears defense gets biggest test of the season tomorrow night. they host undefeated at fourth rank washington. huskies led by browning. high school in follow tomorrow threw 28 touch down pass so far and washington broke school record scoring at least 40 points in 6 straight games. knows browning is on. the dog without a lot of bite. >> any time the quarterback is playing well he didn't get, doesn't give the ball away.
9:57 pm
make all the difference in the world. doesn't necessarily make play all the time. that's it. make a good play through there and doesn't make bad ones. >> first 10,000 fans cal washington game tomorrow night will get maybe the coolest bobble head they made rendition of this. lynch driving the car on to the field from 2006 and 10 years ago against the huskies after a win. gates open at 5:30. no camping at the stadium to get the driving that's a cool concept. football tonight san jose state no. 24. boise good looking crowd right there spartans haven't won since 1980. kenny potter east mobile out of trouble. complete to johnson. touch down spartans down 14-13. before the half. open up in the third. the screen. and wilson in for the 15 yard touch down and right now in the
9:58 pm
fourth quarter 31-16 boise state. finally. 108 years of waiting does bring out a crowd. look at all the people. cub victory parade like nothing we have ever seep. wall to wall people for miles and miles and miles. usually see maybe 1 million people with these kinds of celebration but the estimate 5 million cubs fans pack the room and madden tracys the masses. touch in cheek saying thanks for your patience. they waited over 100 years. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> 1 million people every 20 years or so. >> they wait. >> apparently. >> thanks harry. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. ♪. >> politic and 4 days until election day and campaign star
9:59 pm
power with the help of beyonce and jay-z but donald trump is not worried. >> only on 7 news dan noyes troubled bay area jail trouble. 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> that's all for now we appreciate your time. >> i'll this here 7 news at 9:00 thanks for joining us tonight. 9:00 thanks for joining us tonight. >> see you in an hour.
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(narrator reading) narrator: today, an urban assassin, unleashes a maelstrom of violence on a peaceful march for justice in the heart of dallas, texas. he expressed killing white people. he expressed killing white officers.


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